About Us

Further information About our team and our Restaurant

The History

Cafe ME Is A Congregation Of Delhi’s Youth Offering Solace Via Unique And Multi-Cuisine Palette Assembled For Distinct Culinary Experience Across The Globe.

Our Story

Cafe ME Offers A Unique And Multi-Cuisine Palette Carefully Assembled To Provide A Distinct Culinary Experience For Our Customers. The Promoters Have Extensively Traveled Around The World And Have Developed A Refined Understanding Of The Best Of The Culinary Experience The World Has To Offer. It Is With This Knowledge, They Have Designed Cafe ME To Share Their Experiences With Our Customers.

We, At Cafe ME, Believe That Every Customer Has A Unique Character Even When It Comes To The Food One Eats. We Offer A Menu Which Caters To A Wide Range Of Palette For Every Customer. With A Strong Sense Of Self And Individual Taste The Interior And Branding Of The Cafe Has Also Been Designed With An Aesthetic That Compliments The Ideas Derived From “ME”. Every Interior Element And Artworks On Display Attempts To Evoke An Experiential Space Unique To Each Visitor.